Community Graphics Generator

The CGG (Community Graphics Generator) is a Pentaho Plugin that allows the user to export CCC/CDE charts as images, enabling the inclusion of CDE charts inside Pentaho reports. Quite simply, this plugin is able to render, on server-side, exactly the same chart that is rendered on the browser by CDE/CDF.

Credits: Webdetails Team, Lead - Pedro Alves

Main Characteristics

  • Seamless integration with CDE
  • Exposes the chart as an url, so you can use your chart exports wherever you can embed a link
  • Can be used to render custom-made SVG transformations and to render JavaScript files on server-side and output them as images
  • Runs a CCC chart definition on server-side and outputs the chart as an image or as a SVG file



To make use of it, simply open up an existing CDE Dashboard in Edit Mode, and press the keyboard shortcut "Shift + G". This will prompt a popup where you can choose which charts in the Dashboard you want to render as CGG charts.

When you save the Dashboard, CGG will generate a JavaScript file for each chart chosen in the popup, and save it in your Pentaho Solution directory. Those JavaScript files are, basically, CCC chart definitions.

Export Graph

Call the URL: " http://<pentaho server url>/pentaho/content/cgg/draw?script=<path to the script> ", where " <path to script> " is, e.g., /steel-wheels/dashboards/Test.js . It means that you want to export the chart called Test, from a Dashboard saved inside the folder dashboards, in your steel-wheels solution. (Don't forget to export the chart before saving the Dashboard. Otherwise, it will not work!)

Optionally, you can add some extra parameters to the request. If your chart definition expects a customerNumber as a parameter, simply append paramcustomerNumber= to the query string.

You can also change the output to return either PNG or SVG files (using outputType=png or outputType=svg in the query string.


What does CGG mean?

CGG stands for Community Graphics Generator.

Is CGG free?

CGG is released under the MPLv2 license.

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