Lead your Business

Create Pentaho Dashboards that seamlessly adapt to your business scenario.

Bring the "Art of the Possible" to life

Pentaho provides the imagination, expertise, tools and services to create custom visualizations and UI designs to make your analytics vision into reality. Explore our dashboard demos to see examples of how the Pentaho Platform can be customized based on specific business goals.

Analytics that deliver insights that matter most

With a dedicated team working closely with you, we will deliver highly tailored and stylized reports and dashboards that will meet end user requirements and business needs.

  • Embed dashboards in portals or web pages using iFrame or native html
  • Drill down on any dimension from any chart or table
  • Make charts or tables respond to each other
  • Export any single chart or table to .csv, .xls. and .png
  • Define global filters that affect every dashboard on a project
  • Develop and include custom built widgets for business specific use cases

Easily and cost-effectively extend the value of Pentaho

Community Dashboard Editor (CDE) and all the technology underneath CTools, allows the development and deployment of Pentaho Dashboards in a fast and effective way. CDE is a powerful and complete tool that seamlessly combines front end with data sources and custom components.

  • Suite of open source plugins (CTools) for Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Extensive high quality documentation on all CTools plugins
  • The momentum, backing, and power of the Pentaho Community
  • Fully customizable interface and environment for complete personalization